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Hello! I’ back! 😀 Finally, my last post is years ago. I really have the intention to write more often from now on, promised!, and after all this time I definitely have material for a bunch posts that I’d like to share with you. Today I’d like to start with something that is important to me. Many years ago, back in 2011, I started contributing on Wikimedia Commons, the repository for images, videos, documents, audios and other files of Wikipedia, in 2009. It wasn’t until 2011 that I discovered 2 pages where you could nominate photos as Quality Images and Featured Pictures.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah, United States (November 2006), my first Quality Image. © Diego DelsoCC BY-SA 4.0

It was great, I wanted to improve my photography skills and there you got prompt and honest feedback from experienced photographers whether your images were of high quality or not, and in that case why. After some failed candidates (which I took as motivation to improve) I managed to get a decent rate of images that became Quality Images. End of 2011 I tried my luck on the bigger brother, Featured Pictures. A Featured Picture must be of high quality and on top of that have what many call “wow”. Wow is -in my words- a mix of subject, lighting, composition and detail. In January 2012, after some failed attempts (again used as motivation boost), for the first time one of my photos got the star as Featured Picture.


Taj Mahal, Agra, India (December 2009) on of my first Featured Pictures. © Diego DelsoCC BY-SA 4.0

One month later I achieved it again, 20 in total in 2012. At the latest, when I managed 100 Featured Pictures in 2014 and knew how hard it was to achieve that, I decided to set myself a target of 1000 FPs as a kind of lifetime achievement. Back then I didn’t know whether I would ever make it or whether it would take me 10 or 30 years.

And here we are, last Sunday I was the first member worldwide to hit that number and I’m really proud to have contributed to the Wikimedia movement with so much quality content that the whole world can use and enjoy with free licenses. Featured Pictures are, according to the project, the “finest images” on Wikimedia Commons and only those are displayed on the front page of Wikimedia Commons as Image of the Day or take part annually in the contest Picture of the Year. And as there are restrictions about how many images (max of 2) you can nominate for Featured Pictures achieving 1,000 requires a lot of continuous dedication and also help from other users (thank you all! ❤️) that nominated my pictures believing that they deserved the status as Featured Picture.

Man of the Mundari tribe giving a massage to a Watusi cow in a cattle camp in Terekeka, South Sudan (January 2024) my 1,000th Featured Picture. © Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0

To honor this milestone Frank Schulenburg, one of our most respected members in the movement, ask me for an interview, which you can find here. A few days before that , this interview by another fellow wikimedian, Ivo Kruusamägi, one of the most active members not only in Estonia, but in the whole movement, went online. The focus was not the 1,000 FPs but my whole history in the movement as a photographer and some insights about myself. So, that’s something I wanted to announce, in the coming weeks I’ll give you updates on many other things, Wiki Loves Monuments, what keeps me going, my experiences after 5 years with underwater photography (still one of my priorities),.. and many more topics. Btw, in the meanwhile I’m pretty active on Instagram, this is my account in the case you want to have a look.

…your Diego.

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