Joining a one time in life adventure with Pacific Expeditions

Hello! I am thrilled to announce that in the summer of 2020 I will participate in a very unique, not just photographic, but also life, experience. I’ll join Pacific Expeditions and spend 4 weeks in their yacht, Apache, in one of their legs around the world. In such and adventure they are not really alone as they are part of the World Arc 2020 fleet, 34 yachts that sail the same route within a few days difference and so can help each other in the unlikely case that it’s required. The Apache is the biggest yacht in the fleet and can accomodate up to 8 guests, along with 5 crew members.

Apache (c) Pacific Expeditions

As a guest instructor I’ll definitely do my best to inspire everybody on board about photography, teach them to take great photographs and go together for a couple of photo tours. I will join Jennifer and her team in the leg starting in Fidji and ending at Airlie Beach, Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef. On the way we’ll visit Vanuatu, an archipielago full of blue holes and home to Mt Yasur, the most accesible active volcano. If you want to know more about the itinieary or even would like to join this leg, you can have a look here, right know there as still some spots available!

Author: Rolfcosar, License CC BY-SA 2.5 Source: Wikimedia Commons

That part of the world is amazing for underwater photography, so after I got the required equipment (Ikelite underwater housing for my Canon 5DSR along with a bunch of extras) I will gather as much experience as possible until the World Arc 2020 adventure and so come back with great pictures to share on the net. In fact will do one week diving in the island of Madeira in a couple of weeks.

So, from now on don’t be surprised if I share with you my own underwater photographs 🙂


Welcome to! A few words about this site, me and my photography

Dear photography enthusiast, in this first post I would to welcome you to this humble site!

Here I will keep you up-to-date about new media available to download, photo tour reports, experiences with new equipment or whatever may be of interest for those who love photography.

I’ve been traveling the world for about 20 years and always had my camera with me to immortalize those moments, places and people, that impressed me. Since 2011 it is also my main purpose to steadily increase the quality of the captures improving my equipment, my technique and the post-processing.

Diego in Deadvlei, Namibia
Diego in Deadvlei, Namibia

If you are looking for spectacular but unreal images, this is not your site. What you will get is what I see through the visor of my camera. Apart from long exposure photography of some subjects like e.g. water and skies just after sunset (blue hour) where the result necessarily will differ from the human eye perecption (but still a long exposure is required to capture enough light to show the subject), panoramas where I will stitch several frames together or high dynamic range (HDR) images where I’ll merge several frames of the same scene so that there is detail in dark and bright areas, colors, items and compositions will always be real. Above you have 4 examples of a long exposure involving water, a blue hour image, a stitched panorama and a HDR.

Waterfall Dynjandi, VestfirĂ°ir, Iceland
Waterfall Dynjandi, VestfirĂ°ir, Iceland
Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Panoramic view of the city of Montreal in a stormy day from Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada.
Panoramic view of the city of Montreal in a stormy day from Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada.
Interior of the Notre-Dame Basilica, located in the historic district of Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Diego Delso CC BY-SA.
Interior of the Notre-Dame Basilica, located in the historic district of Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I upload all my works on Wikimedia Commons, the repository of the Wikimedia movement with over 50,000,000 well documented media files, well known as the umbrella non-profit organisation of projects like Wikipedia (7th site on the web by hits), Wikidata, Wiktionary or Wikivoyage, among many others. By February 2019 I had almost 20,000 uploaded there, which are used in about 35,000 articles. Apart from that I participate in the biggest photo free-license contests worldwide (Wiki Loves Monuments is at the same time the biggest photo contest worldwide) and have been awarded in several occasions (see here). The usage of my images in Wikimedia is wide but still very small in comparison to the figures on the web. If you use my work outside Wikimedia, I’m always thankful for getting a short email about that (up to you, though).

As a free license photographer, you can use all my media for whatever purposes you like, including commercial purposes. All I ask for in return is a simple credit like “Diego Delso CC BY-SA“. CC BY-SA is a popular and generous Creative Commons license, but still  my images are not in public domain, so not crediting the work to me is a copyright violation! Specially enterprises using my images for commercial purposes without fulfilling the license will be prosecuted if they don’t correct the problem after I politely ask them to fix the problem. Please, be fair. If you would like to use any of my works deviating from the license terms, please, contact me to discuss it.

You can find always a full resolution version of the images (hosted on Wikimedia Commons) in the description page of the file here. Just follow the link to “Image in full resolution Wikimedia Commons“.

In 2019 I mainly use a Canon 5DS R, a great body with affordable 50 MPx of great detail and quality as you can see below (click on the sea lion image to see it in impressive detail, even with a tele lens).

Close-up of a Galápagos sea lion (Zalophus californianus wollebaeki) in Punta Pitt, San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
Sea lion (Zalophus californianus wollebaeki) in Punta Pitt, San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.

I’d really like to interact with you, and you can also write to me in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Polish, along with English, but I’ll answer in English so that most people can understand it. Feedback is always welcome but on the other side, I can also give you hints about interesting photographic motifs in the places where I’ve been, give you some information about how and when to capture them or about the “making of” behind the photograph, my equipment or whatever you like.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’m excited to start this adventure with you! 🙂

…your Diego.